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Does quality health insurance at a reasonable price seem out of reach for your company?

Health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs increase every year, but your business and employees don’t have to settle for plans that aren’t flexible or realistic.

The Difference Card disrupts the healthcare status quo by helping clients create unique benefit plan designs. These plans allow them to lower their health insurance costs while maintaining a level of benefits that fits their company’s needs.

Our strategy allows employers the opportunity to offer health insurance that provides the best possible benefits to their employees while reducing overall spend.

The Difference Card distributes its product by working through strategic broker partners to find companies that would benefit from our strategy. We deliver unique benefit plan designs by:

    ✅ Analyzing nearly 20 years of our proprietary utilization data
    ✅ Building-in incentivized wellness benefits to lower costs
    ✅ Creating plans that fit your business needs and employee demographic

The Difference Card sets itself apart from other vendors because we have a full-service team, proprietary medical reimbursement s, and exceptional customer service and satisfaction. We create custom benefit plan designs that keep benefits rich while keeping costs controlled.


Designed to help employees save money and lead healthier lives.

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